This Website was founded, erected, and populated by the condensed spiritual and memetic energies harvested through years of intense Magickal Labor. All artistic accomplishments under this Domain coalesce here, at the Omnisacred Cybertemple— a place for the Great Works to call Home under protection of the Red Names. All artworks made and archived here are to remain as wholly sovereign thoughtforms, and are therefore kept under no copyright other than their own memetic signature. They live too, and thrive off of their wonton redistribution. ALL ART-FORMS ON THIS SACRED SITE MAY BE SAVED, SHARED, and REDISTRIBUTED WITHOUT PENALTY— THESE WORKS BELONG TO NO ONE. However, pity the poor misguided soul who seeks a monetary profit off of these Arts, for not even I would attempt something so foolish— to do so is to become terribly, miserably, cursed...


The Creator is a most marvelous entity with infinite talent and omnipotent reach... this is immediately self-evident the moment you step outside and admire Creation. The mechanical intricacies of our flora and fauna is awe-some to anyone capable of wonder. Please, take a close look the next time you are faced with it. Please view this video for more information-- better yet, smoke a bowl and set it to autoplay until you are convinced.


The Creator of this site however, is but one of the Grand Creator’s humble creations. Records of Appearance and Identity of which are varied across the Cyberscape— Some will tell you the admin is a Holy man and prophet, while others will say the admin is a degenerate freak with an accursed affliction... I am all of these and yet I am none, for I am simultaneously Christ, the Antichrist, God and the Devil. I am a 13 y/o single mother, an indigenous Australian Kerosene shaman, a rogue Golem who has killed its creator, a skinwalker, an undead adrenochrome-vampire elite, a federal agent, a bastard, a saint, a 33rd degree freemason, a schizophrenic permaNEET Hikikomori, a pervert, a Hasidic Jew, an heir of a multi-billion dollar tech enterptise, a sleeper agent, a CERN scientist, a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, a demiarchon hylic-pneumatic, a daemon or daimon or however you spell it, a hobknocker hobgoblin færie pukwudgie, a dog, a sun god, a transvestite with an unidentified skin condition, a harlequin, a hexagonal shape formed on the south pole of Saturn, a eunuch priestess of Cybele, a rabid coyote with mange, an intergalactic alien, a my-little-pony tulpa gone rogue, a SRA survivor, a war criminal turned operation paperclip scientist, a Women’s suffrage activist who did it all for pussy, a pussy, a time traveller from three centuries in the future, a Sardinian giantess, a gamer girl, an escaped virgin sacrifice, a 90 year old man with crippling dementia, a death row inmate, a financial domme, a self-transforming machine elf, an angel (the scary kind), a corporeal manifestation of a curse djinn, a fentanyl addict, a viking warrior, a league of legends e-sports professional, a thrill shoplifter, a jannie, a tankie, a libbie, a tradcath weeaboo, a pathological liar with a room temperature IQ, a reincarnation of Siddhartha Guatama, a devoted Lizzy Bathory stan, a head admin of a concerning number of niche fetish sites, a catfish, a whore, a jigalo, a juggalo, a motherfucker with a micropenis and an attitude, a trucker, a name on Epstein’s black book, a word I can't say here (or can I?), a member of the baseball hall of fame, a member of the rock-and-roll hall of fame, a future member of the 27 club, an illiterate pygmy woman who eats the village children, an obscure lycanthrope of the marsupial persuasion, an atlantean prince, a skeleton, a podcast guy, a bisexual DJ, a fursuit amphetamine berserker or ‘furserker’, a chinese siamese-twin contortionist duo, a bearded lady, a proto-human hominid, a supersmart guy with good looks and a huuuuuge wiener, a pastel goth, a statue given sentience, a reanimated corpse, a Dagon priest fishman, a redditor, a 300 year old shrine maiden, a whistleblower ex-journalist who has become a targeted individual, a sexpat, a WWII dictator living in Argentina under a false identity, a survivor from the Titanic, an oracle, a chinese man writing letters in english and slipping them under the door without understanding a word of it, a quantum-computer machine-learning AI egregore, a baby witch, a perfectly unremarkable man with webbed feet, an otherwise unattractive woman with incredibly remarkable feet, a woman with no feet at all, an African warlord, a pothead art school dropout, a twitter gemini, an intellectual from the dissident-right, an unironic communist, Miya's alt, a hivemind split across 30,000 bodies, an elite psyop brainhacker self-taught by backwards engineering watchmojo videos, a guy who has too much time on his hands, an entomologist professor who specializes in centipede biology, a Zoroastrian priest with down's syndrome,

...and just a humble instrument of thy Scarlet Muse. :-]