FOREWARD: This rite utilizes a rudimentary pranayama exercise that I have found success with.  
Though it has worked for me, it may not work for you.  
While I encourage experimentation, if at any point something feels wrong while doing this, 
I implore you to DISCONTINUE.

Sometimes the shoe does not fit!

For those who are proceeding, this is best done immediately upon waking up, with an empty stomach, 
and while lying on your back.


Upon awakening, take a moment to lie on your back and close your eyes, and see if you can recall
any dreams you may have just awaken from.  Take as much time as you need to recall the entirety of the dream
as you find yourself able to, by remembering it retroactively, from end to beginning.

Once you have taken a mental note of the entirety of the dream, while still on your back, relax into your bed.


This is a breathing exercise that will oxygenate the blood and fill you with life.  However, dizziness is 
expected, and fainting is also possible. You can also expect a tingling or numbness of the body, just know 
that these sensations will wear off when you stop.  Again, if anything feels wrong or painful, STOP.

    1.)   Breathe IN deeply, and Breathe OUT shallow. The ratio of these breaths should be about 4:1, and
          through the nose.
    2.)   Continue this pattern of breathing for 30-40 reps, or until you start to notice lightheadedness.
    3.)   At this point, EXHALE as deeply as you can, compressing your stomach to expel all the air from your
          lungs.  Keep this held for as long as you can bear it.
    4.)   Now take a DEEP BREATH IN and hold for about 15 seconds.
    5.)   Repeat this process until you feel sufficiently "high".

    1.)   Breathe IN deep, Breathe OUT shallow x 30
    2.)   EXHALE it all, HOLD for 1 minute
    3.)   BREATHE IN DEEPLY, HOLD for 15 seconds
    4.)   Repeat as desired
After you're done, take a moment to relax, and don't try to get up or walk until you have recovered.
You should feel very energized.

Whether you pray to a Godform or not is entirely up to you. I recommend performing the visualizations and 
affirmations regardless of whether or not they cheese you out, though only you can decide what you are 
comfortable doing.

Sitting upright, and facing the sun if applicable, breathe deeply and relax.

Visualize the bed underneath you, the bedsheets, the bedframe, the floor which it stands on, and the Earth
which that rests on.  Aim for as broad of a sense of the Earth beneath you as you can.

At this point, visualize roots connecting your body to this ground, as a broad and expanse network of roots
converging at your core.  Sit with this sensation for a moment.

After this, visualize a network of branches sprouting from the topmost part of your head, and pulling your
spine as erect as possible.  With it, imagine the space and firmament above, again, as broadly as your
mind can manage.

Draw the sensation of both poles towards your center, and keep this sensation in your body.

At this point, you may speak aloud the Name of the Godform of your choosing, in a way that vibrates your core.  
While this is flexible enough to work with any God, I recommend invoking the corresponding planetary God of
the day of the week, (Sunday = Sun's Day, Monday = Moon's Day, etc.) by first vibrating it's Name.

Once you have called upon it's Name, you may then make an appropriate prayer of your choosing. Set an
intention for what you wish to accomplish today.  Perhaps ask for aide where you may need it, or where
you deem appropriate for the corresponding Godform.  Meditate on this, and speak it as if it were truth.

At this point, earnestly thank the Godform you have invoked, and simply bid them farewell.  This will
suffice, and while some may prefer to close this off with banishing rite of some sort, I personally think
it would be in bad taste to do so.

At this point, you may stretch your limbs and proceed with your glorious day! :-)