..................................INTERMEDIATE MEDITATION REGIMEN TO BULK UR BRAINZ (for warriorz)


> This exercise requires a higher proficiency than the first, so it would be appropriate to
get well-used to the first exercise, at least until you can do it without a guide.

> Every 'set' contains 3 to 5 reps, for each of the senses as preferred.  The primary being Touch,
Sight, and Hearing, and optionally, Taste and Smell.

> Making sure you are in an optimal setup for meditating, warm up with a few reps, and relax.

> Whenever ready, on your next rep, avert your attention to the physical sensations on your body. 

>> (TOUCH) Bring your attention to the weight of clothes on your skin, the force 
of gravity exerted on your body, the soles of your feet on the ground.  Do this for 2 Reps.

> Keeping your focus, now avert your attention to what you hear in the room.

>> (HEARING) Listen to any sounds in the room, fans buzzing, birds chirping, your
own respiration and heartbeat (if it is quiet enough); whatever it may be.  Do this for 2 Reps as well.

> Again, making sure you have not lost attention of your breath, reavert your attention to what you see
(eyes opened or closed).

>> (SIGHT) Without straining your eyes, pay mind to what you can see.  
If your eyes are closed, try to discern the subtle colors behind your eyelids.
Do this for 2 Reps.

> Bring your attention back to your breath, from here you may choose to repeat the rep, or 
incorporate the senses of Taste and Smell if applicable.

>> (OPTIONAL: TASTE AND SMELL) Briefly pay mind to any smells in the room or tastes in
your mouth that you have tuned out.  Whether those Smells/Tastes be pleasant or unpleasant.  
Do a Rep for each.


> For your first time, or while learning, completing even a single Set can be enough of an ordeal.  
So do not fret if your attention wavers throughout, just take a breath and start again.

> Remember, this is a muscle you are developing.